My Thoughts of ChefConf 2014

I’m sitting at the SFO airport trying to digest everything that I was exposed to after 3 intense days of Chef sessions and meeting the awesome chef community.


One thing that I learned is that Chef as a company is cool and laid back. I was taken by surprise on how cool they are. After watching Nathen Harvey’s presentation and then the open bar rock band show I realized how down to earth and funny they are. Even everyone that I met at all the hallway sessions were friends I hadn’t met yet. I felt wow these guys are genuinely awesome. I was initially skeptical because I thought that everyone was a little too nice and friendly, but by the end I was convinced that this is an awesome community, that I’m glad to be a part of.


The message that I recieved from the conference was that we as IT professionals have the power to change companies. We need to fully embrace the idea of continous delivery (which admittely I need to learn more about). That the devops movement is a shift in how software is maintained and that the shift requires more transparency, acceptance and trust than just adding a new ‘configuration management’ tool. I learned that it’s about building trust in the process. Showing real success stories in baby steps so that everyone can realize the potential that we sell them in slide decks and proposals.

Lastly the idea that we are all working together to make the software development process more delightful. By implementing a process that reduces the friction in changes we’re able to respond faster and provide value.

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