How to Cherry Pick Git Commit Using Tig

The problem

Recently I needed to grab a commit that was on a release branch and bring it over to the master branch. We weren’t ready to merge the whole branch and but I needed a specific commit.

I do not want to have a merge conflict when the release branch is merged back into master.


Git supports this via cherry-pick. This approach allows git to know that the commit that was cherry picked can be skipped when merging the branch to the destination containing the cherry-picked commit.

I was able to use tig to accomplish this by doing the following:

checkout the destination branch: git checkout master

then open tig

then press ‘b’ to see all the branches

then select the branch that contains the commit you want

once you select the commit you want press ‘P’ (case sensitive)

the commit should now be on master git push origin to push the change.